Cynthia Maro Pittsburgh

Cynthia Maro Pittsburgh

About Cynthia Maro of Pittsburgh

Cynthia Maro is a Pittsburgh-based veterinary professional with years of experience. Dr. Maro’s passion for veterinary medicine was sparked at a young age as she grew up on a farm and helped veterinarians. There, she gained crucial experience caring for animals of various species such as dogs, cats, horses, chickens, rabbits, ducks, chickens, etc. and treating their conditions.

Cynthia received her bachelor’s in Agriculture and Animal Sciences from the Ohio State University College of Agriculture and received her doctorate in Veterinary Medicine form the Ohio State University College of Medicine. During her time in college, Dr. Maro worked as a graduate teaching and research assistant and worked in a mixed practice where she split time between small animal clinic work and visiting farms.

Since her time in the veterinary space, Cynthia Maro has founded several successful veterinary institutions. Dr. Maro founded the Ellwood Animal Hospital in Ellwood City, Pennsylvania in 1987, College Hill Animal Clinic in 1988. Center Animal Clinic in 1991, Chippewa Animal Hospital in 1998 and, most recently, Cranberry Holistic Pet Care in 2015. In each of her practices, Cynthia upholds values such as a commitment to compassionate care, happiness, and hope for owners and their pets.

Dr. Maro’s experience as a veterinarian is underlined by a firm dedication to contributing to her space and streamlining high quality care for animals of all species. Cynthia has experience mentoring students and veterinarians, volunteering at the Beaver, Butler, and Lawrence County Human Societies, serving on Big Brothers/ Big Sisters Advisory Board, helping at school programs within her area, and founding a number of nurse home-pet visitation programs. Dr. Cynthia Maro has also served on the Board of Health and Board of AVCA for five years, as contributing to a wide variety of publications in the veterinary space and has been featured as an expert witness in veterinary health subjects.

Colleagues of Cynthia Maro maintain that she is a veterinary professional who is extremely passionate about bringing innovative, comprehensive solutions to pets and contributing to development within her space. Those who have worked with Dr. Maro note that, after decades in the space, she still gets immense enjoyment seeing owners have their hope and happiness restored when their pets respond positively to integrated care. Cynthia is well regarded for the values that she upholds through her practice, her dedication to investing in her teams, and interest in contributing to accessible, high quality pet care for animals of all species.

What to Expect from

Cynthia Maro Pittsburgh is a platform for learning more about the veterinary space through content exploring a variety of interesting topics. Dr. Cynthia Maro speaks to how contributing to conversations through accessible content helps contribute to a more inclusive veterinary industry, and Cynthia has dedicated time to demystifying the work of veterinarians and providing valuable insights for readers. A few types of content that readers can expect through future content on this site includes:

Veterinary Resources

Accessible veterinary resources contribute to conversations, explore best practices, and provide in-depth breakdowns of some of the industry’s most important processes. Cynthia Maro acknowledges that there are many people who would like to learn more about the veterinary industry for both personal and professional reasons and aims to provide content that addresses a wide range of topics within her areas of expertise. Content will feature in-depth looks at advanced veterinary technology leading innovation in the industry, insights on the complexities of owning and operating a veterinary practice, and more.

Professional Insights

Cynthia Maro of Pittsburgh’s over three decades in veterinary medicine have led to her developing a number of professional insights that can be valuable for both new and experienced individuals within her field. Future content on this site will cover a collection of Dr. Maro’s professional insights to help other vets better contextualize their efforts in the space and seize opportunities available to them. Insights will include tips for building and maintaining strong client relationships, additional learning opportunities for professionals looking to grow their acumen, and more.

Pet Care Tips

Many pet owners want the best for their pets, however, comprehensive pet care can be daunting for individuals who may not have formal education in the subject. Dr. Cynthia Maro aims to provide content that helps readers better evaluate their pet’s health and care for them regardless of their conditions. Content will address topics such as when to make the decision to take your pet to the vet, pet hygiene tips, insights for helping your pet stay at their recommended weight, and information helpful for caring for pets with anxiety.

Recent Industry Developments

Dr. Maro maintains that keeping up with recent developments within the veterinary industry is valuable for professionals and pet owners alike. Readers can expect that will address recent news and updates within the veterinary space as well as their scope and impact.

More from Cynthia Maro of Pittsburgh

Dr. Cynthia Maro acknowledges that there are many people who want to learn more about the veterinary industry either to seize professional opportunities or empower informed decisions when receiving veterinary care for a pet. To this end, Dr. Maro will use this site as a platform for helping readers better understand her area of expertise through content exploring a variety of crucial topics. Content will feature posts such as what to look for in a good veterinary practice, effective ways owners can monitor their pets’ health, the benefits of holistic pet care, and tips for practices looking to show a commitment to quality pet care and comprehensive customer service.

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